What is S&T 2021?

The global, one-day event is a virtual experience to connect the SQLite & Tcl community. Formerly known as the Tcl/Tk Conference, our flagship event has evolved alongside SQLite to explore the intersectionality of this global community and dynamic language. The conference will feature a combination of curated talks and work in progress (WIP).

How long is the event?

A one-day event.

Time & Schedule

S&T 2021 will be aired during CT time. Please stay tuned for the schedule.

How do I register?

Click on this link to register for the event.

How do I join the conference?

Register here to gain access to the Zoom link

Will S&T 2021 be recorded?

Yes, the virtual event will be recorded and posted on YouTube after the event.

If I have other questions, whom should I contact?

For additional questions, contact violet.diaz@flightaware.com

When will the schedule be announced?

The agenda for S&T 2021 will be announced on or around October 18, 2021.

How do I submit a talk?

The call for speakers is open! Please visit this page to view the submission requirements and instructions.

How to participate in the Q&A?

We encourage you to raise your hand using the Zoom feature, unmute your mic and/or video and ask your question live.

Audience members will also be able to enter their questions in the Zoom chat.

Our team will make sure your question is addressed if it is entered in the Zoom chat.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms will be open and available throughout the conference.

To enter a breakout room simply click on the tool bar and join a room.

Lunch Breakout Room - This room will be available for those who want to say hi to each other during lunch time.

Q&A Continued - This room will be available for a continued discussion on a technical topic.